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'Block Power'

Android OS Released 12-26-2012
(iOs coming soon)

'BLoCK PoWER' is THE Ultimate 'match-3' action puzzle game!
Play at your own pace by choosing between
1 of the 3 difficuties:

1 -'Easy'/Casual In this mode, you can learn and play at a slow pace, and
lasts as long as you choose.
2 -'Hard' mode slowly increases the challenge by adding more obstacles
and speed as you progress. You must match and clear 100 blocks to move
to the next level.
3 -'Extreme'/Expert mode adds to the challenge by using obstacles that   
trick you and redirect your blocks.

In addition to the main game, 3 extra unlockable modes have been added:   
Extra 1 - 'BlockBreaker' boards are full of Blocks that disappear when they are
touching a group of blocks that are matched & cleared. 
Extra 2 - 'SlideRush' quickly get a certain amount of blocks to the bottom of the
screen, and into targets placed on the bottom row, while keeping the top of
the board clear by matching blocks.
Extra 3 - 'Puzzle' mode is a challenge for all of the deep thinkers of the world.   
You have a limited number of moves to remove the 'Lock Blocks; and
solve these 10 brain-bending puzzles.

This game truly has something for all players.
Like relaxing 'Match-3' games? - Play the slow paced 'Easy' mode.
Enjoy a good challenge? - Try 'Hard' and 'BlockBreaker' modes.
Looking for a fast twitch, reflex game? - 'Extreme' & 'SlideRush' are for you!

Don't miss the highly addictive & satisfying Action Puzzle Game
that has been called "a fresh Match-3 experience'! 

Latest update: 2-11-2014

Available on GooglePlay store &
Amazon App store
(iOS version coming soon)

>> 'Block Power FREE' version is available <<
Test out the 'Easy' mode and sample the
other play modes with the
FREE Version